The Minor Arcana – Eight


The Eight of Wands
wands8The Eight of wands at first glance immediately suggests travel. It could be right now or in the near future. Other symbolism associated it with is the need to conclude something swiftly. The ability to make quick decisions. In a reading, it suggests that Now is the time you make your move, to make a decision, to strike the iron when it is hot. The card also stands for the arrival of news or information. Lastly, it can also signify the end of something as swiftly as it started. The dust settling around after the whirlwind.

Keywords: Motion, Journey, Information, Swift action, conclusion.

The Eight of Cups
cups8The Eight of cups signifies end. The need to move on. The card stands for those moments which are coming to an end. Since nothing is permanent in life and everything needs to transition from one phase to other. Change is the only constant in life and it is inevitable that we face them. This applies to all relationships. Some changes can be wearying. Endings are not always easy. But this card suggests it is time for a new direction.

Keywords: moving on, solitude, walking away, letting go, end of an era.

The Eight of Swords

swords8The Eight of swords signifies the need for courage in certain situation which warrants for action. The seeker may feel trapped in a situation but look closely and you will realise only you are holding yourself back and that you can escape the moment you put your mind to it. The card gives importance to the negativity of ones mind, its limitations rather than physical ones. The card urges the seeker to reconsider what he feels and give importance to a new perspective.

Keywords: Decisive Moment, lack of freedom, trapped, fear, restriction, confusion, feeling helpless.

The Eight of Pentacles

pents9The Eight of pentacles implies a time of great diligence and focus. This card really embodies that practice makes perfect – symbolising the impulse to learn. In a reading, it is time to learn new skills and hone existing ones- start a new project or complete one that is in progress- and promises a pay off on the other side after the hard work is done. The card suggests fair compensation for one’s efforts. In any relation, hard work ultimately pays off.

Keywords: Diligence, detail, hard work, practice, expertise, focused.

A running theme in the suits numbered 8 is Movement, action, change etc. You can accomplish anything you have set your heart on as long as you work towards it. Many 8s indicate a positive change of mind or status.


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