The Sixth sign in the Zodiac is held by Virgo. The perfectionists. Symbolised by the Virgin, a maiden. Ruled by the planet Mercury, those born between August 22 to September 22nd are called Virgos. The Element of this sign is Earth and they are Mutable. When the moon travels in the Virgo constellation one will be said to have Moon sign in Virgo.

Virgos are extremely hardworking and practical people. They tend to look into the minutest details before they start anything or in anything they take part in. They are analytical and logical, often worrying about everything they do as well as highly critical. They are the exact opposite to the sign Pisces who are extremely emotional and sensitive.

Virgo is ruled by the planet of communication and intellect. Yet as the planet is prone to retrograde sometimes these very qualities can became a pain. The element Earth makes them stable and dependable but since their quality is Mutable, it is not very easy for them to stick to a particular decision.

They rule the Sixth house of Astrology. This house represents health, enemies and occupation. It is the house that decides our well being both mentally and physically. It makes them service oriented, sometimes to a fault.

Keywords: Loyal, Responsible, Observant, trustworthy, worrier, over-demanding, workaholic. header_image_Virgo-Man-Personality-How-to-get-virgoman-Fustany

In the Tarot cards they are represented by the Card Hermit (IX). He is rather detached from the world and looks at it from above so to say. Virgos display a typical Hermit behaviour such as discipline, reliability, philosophical etc.

According to Astrology, the sixth house is associated with the nervous and digestive Systems, giving importance to a healthy lifestyle.

In the minor suits, the eight, nine and ten of Pentacles are influenced by virgo when it is in Sun, Venus and Mercury respectively.


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