New Moon In Cancer Spread

This weekend, we witness the new moon in cancer. Cancer is the sign of home life, mother and family life. It is ruled by the moon and hence is a very sensitive sign, emotional even. But just like the crab that represents the cancer sign, they have a hard exterior and a mushy interior. As a water sign, they are highly intuitive and requires love and … Continue reading New Moon In Cancer Spread

Minor Arcana – Fives

  Five Of Wands The Five of wands stands for times when your environment seems to be fighting you. Nothing flows smoothly; everyone is working at cross-purposes. The figures on this card are all batting at each other. There is no coordinated effort, no agreement. When this card shows up, be prepared for a bumpy ride. You’re going to need extra patience and perseverance to … Continue reading Minor Arcana – Fives

Torn Between Two Lovers Spread

As the title states, not everyone finds themselves in such a situation and to an outsider, it might seem like this is such a silly situation or the one in between to be lucky. Either way deciding between two potential lovers is not an easy task. For example, one might be your crush whom you know nothing much about and another could be your friend … Continue reading Torn Between Two Lovers Spread

The Devil

Number – 15 Element – Earth Planet/sign – Capricorn Numbered XV in the Major Arcana, The devil card follows Temperance in the series. Here we see the card of the Devil portrayed as a Satyr, a creature that is half man and half goat. He has the wings of a vampire bat, Above him is an inverted pentagram, signifying the darker side of magic and occultism. At the … Continue reading The Devil


Number – 14 Element – Fire Planet/sign – Sagittarius Featuring the XIVth card in the Major Arcana series is the Temperance. We see an angel, with one foot on dry land, representative of the material world, and one foot in the water, representative of the subconscious. In her hands, she holds two cups which she uses to mix water. The cups represent the sub- and … Continue reading Temperance

Relationship Snapshot Spread

I think this is one of those spreads that doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to romance. I mean every relation needs a reality check once in a while, it is just that we take everyone else for granted except our romantic partner. Maybe because we always feel there is a choice to leave…? Anyhoo, I don’t prefer using an unnecessary number of cards to … Continue reading Relationship Snapshot Spread

Tarot FAQ

There are certain questions that tarot readers always ask. And just like the meaning of the cards, the possibility of these questions are multiple. I know I am still learning the complexities certain question poses. But nothing in tarot is set in stone and hence we can always find ways that work for us. Some quick tips are always welcome, right? (They will be elaborated … Continue reading Tarot FAQ