The Seventh Sign in the Zodiac is ruled by Libra. It is symbolised by the Scales and is in fact the only zodiac that is characterised as an inanimate object. It is ruled by the planet Venus and hence like all things beautiful. Those born between September 23rd to October 23 are called Librans.  

When the moon is travelling in the constellation of Libra your moon sign will be under the Libra sign. It is a cardinal sign hence depicts leadership qualities. Its element is Air and hence is inclined to be mentally active.

Libras are highly indecisive having the knowledge of both the sides, they are quiet hesitant to take the final decision nor are they ready to take sides. Though they can make excellent judges and diplomats. They are also averse to compromise. Just like the pisceans they also like to avoid confrontation and are not ready to fight, and will avoid it as much as possible which will come across as cold and insensitive.

In Astrology they rule the seventh house of partnership. Which includes marriage, romantic partnership as well as business. It is where we learn to compromise, with this house, the focus shifts from self to the other; it is the exact opposite to the first house.

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In Tarot cards, the Justice Card represents Libra numbered XI of the Major Arcana. Libra is known for its fairness and hence it is only apt to be associated with this card which denotes justice itself.

The body part associated with the seventh house is the sacrum/lower pelvic area. It is this part of the body where the sacred and the profane mix effortlessly.

In the minor suits, the two, three and four of swords are influenced by libra when it is found in Moon, Saturn and Jupiter respectively.


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