The Minor Arcana – Nine

The Nine of Wands
wands9The nine of wands on first glance signifies a person who is on guard. The seeker is someone who has already been through tough times and hence knows that he needs to be on vigil. In a reading, it can be a warning that you must proceed carefully. Keep a watchful eye because there is the possibility that you will be hurt. The message this card sends out is to be strong and face adversities bang on.

Keywords: Perseverance, defensiveness, resilience, persistence, courage, standing one’s ground.

The Nine of Cups

cups9The nine of cups is an extremely positive card. In fact, it is known as the wish card in the tarot. So consider your wish come true if this card turns up in a reading. As much positive the card is it also acts as a caution. The seeker must be careful of what he wishes for. As much as we can pretend that everything is alright in the world, the truth maybe something else and hence one must be careful of his indulgence.

Keywords: wish fulfillment, complete, fulfilled, generous, pleasure, satisfaction.

The Nine of Swords

swords9The nine of swords is a card that deals with depression, primarily. Mostly our grief and sorrows come out at night when we are all by ourselves and feeling lonely and alone with our thoughts. It is also a sign of distress or guilt. The seeker is afraid he has done something wrong or he already has and is now feeling guilty. The good part of this card is it acts as a sign for you to look carefully so that you tread your path forward with caution.

Keywords: Worry, Distress, depression, caution, anguish, anxiety, despair.

The Nine of Pentacles

pents9The nine of pentacles shows a calm, pleasant woman enjoying her time with nature. It symbolizes inner satisfaction. The seeker is someone who enjoys their independence and leisure time. One who can trust their own judgment and is confident in their abilities. In a reading, it can indicate the need to be in union with one’s intuition and a word of advice to not to compromise on your happiness and wellbeing including on the growth of your finances.

Keywords: Discipline, material wealth, spiritual contentment, security, prosperous, self-reliance.

A running theme in the suits numbered 9 is that everything is coming to an end, to completion and fulfillment. Many 9s in a reading mean that situations or events are nearing completion or have just been completed and another plateau awaits.


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