Signs You Are in a Healthy Relation

Whether you are single or married, maintaining relationships is a tricky business. But what we all share in common is the need to have a happy relation, which is meaningful and lasts long. Nobody wants to be with a person who is selfish or disinterested, right? Every relation has its ups and downs and with today’s lifestyle, it becomes harder to keep a focus on anything for long.

So I decided to compile few signs that from my experience are sure ways to determine to know for real if you are in a healthy relationship or not and it is far more important than just similar tastes in music. So here goes:

  • Trust – Something so simple but what is extremely important in any relation is trust. Even if you don’t discuss everything with each other, I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of trust in a relationship. It means you don’t have anything to hide from each other and know where the other person stands on any issues with you.
  • Communication – Unless everyone in this world is a mind reader, no relationship can thrive without speaking up. I have seen many a time, including with me, when a relationship has gone sour because you didn’t communicate with each other. Sometimes its hard, I know, but with the right person, you will always feel comfortable to discuss even the awkwardest things in the world.
  • Personal Space – Are you always interested in knowing where your significant other is? Do you keep calling them every so often? Do you keep checking their mobiles or schedules to keep a tab on them? Well, don’t. These are very dangerous behaviors. Nobody wants the other in their face all the time. A call two-three times a day is more than adequate. Don’t be so clingy and suspicious all the time. (read point no:1) give them space to be on their own.
  • Support – Having someone to lean on, no matter how difficult or impossible the situation seems is what we all want from our partners. To be there, to hold us if we fall and let us know if we are doing ok. A really good partner will encourage you to be your best. Will support you in good times and bad. Won’t pull you down and will respect your decisions even if they can’t fully accept it.
  • Fine like Wine – A relationship that grows with time is the strongest and one that last long. For this to be possible, both of you need to inspire each other, help each other grow and be realistic with each other. Don’t keep unwanted expectations and don’t give up on each other. One can make strong roots by often saying how much they love the other, always be the first to apologize and be grateful for each other.

Often times what happens is we desire the other person to be a perfect mixture of what we want and not who they are for themselves. We project our needs onto them and when they don’t meet our expectations we give up on them. instead, remove the blinders and accept them for who they are. We are most compatible with one who is complimentary to us and not a someone who dances on our directions. Be with someone who makes you want to be a better person, who helps you grow and whom you can take on the world together.

Lastly, here at Every Day tarot blog, you can find answers to your relationship queries and problems. The tarot is always there to help.


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