The Major Arcana – The Magician

Number – 1 Element – Earth Planet – Mercury Next, in the sequence, we meet the Magician numbered 1. Starting with the pictorial description, we see a man holding a stick pointing upwards. He is surrounded by important objects such as the Wand, Sword, Pentacle and a Cup. Above him is the symbol of infinity. He has flowers blooming all around him. What we see in … Continue reading The Major Arcana – The Magician

Must Have Books for Beginners

On a completely different note, just to break the monotony, I decided to write up a post to help beginners acquaint themselves with Tarot. As you will eventually come across there are tons of books on Tarot and no doubt they are all useful. But as a beginner you want to start somewhere that makes sense and is easy to follow. I still remember I … Continue reading Must Have Books for Beginners

Part II The Major Arcana (The Fool)

What is the Major Arcana? In Tarot, Arcana means mystery. One can say, therefore, the major arcana represents the bigger mystery and the minor arcana represents the smaller mysteries. As mentioned in the previous posts they contain a set of 22 cards starting from the fool numbered zero to the world numbered 22. What their origin is is still a mystery. Many reasons have been … Continue reading Part II The Major Arcana (The Fool)