The Minor Arcana – Seven


Seven of Wands
7wands The Seven of Wands shows resistance or defiance. Here the seeker is fierce and fearless. The figure on the Seven of Wands appears to be in a battle. He’s either attacking or under attack. It is about taking a stand whether we win or loose cause some battles are worth fighting for. One could feel outnumbered in a situation or feel hostilities like in a work environment. We could feel corned in a situation.

Keywords: Strong will, defiance, opposition, vulnerability, lacking, conviction.

Seven of Cups

7cupsThe Seven of Cups is about temptation. The need to want it all. It is pretty superficial. It can also mean that you are rigidly following orders and neglecting the fun part of life.  In a reading, it is important to look carefully at how disordered your situation is.Whether you are been too controlling or if it is time to let go. If presented with multiple choices, it is possible that the seeker may be lead to go astray. The card is a sign that true clarity is obscured and hence the seeker is prevented from seeing what they really want.

Keywords: Temptation, superficial, wishful thinking, options, enticement.

Seven of Swords

7swordsThe Seven of Swords represents someone who is sly and coy. Here, we see a man tiptoeing away with some swords, rather pleased with his haul. Therefore it indicates someone who feels the need to do things their way but one with an impulsive personality. They are fleeing from someone or something, either from others or oneself. The seeker doesn’t seem to be one who gives any care to the consequences. The seeker may also feel like an outcast.

Keywords: Impulsive, spontaneous, deceptive, running away.

Seven of Pentacles
7pentsThe Seven of Pentacles shows the fruit of one’s labor. The seeker is one who has worked hard and has long awaited his sweet success. Now it seems that his work has paid off and he’s taking a break to admire his handiwork. It can indicate rewards for all the work you have put in. It shows you are now financially responsible and mature about investments. It can also indicate promotions at work. But it can also show one who is a workaholic and who doesn’t know to enjoy life. The card encourages you to live your life outside of work.

Keywords: Harvest, financial maturity, Responsibility, promotion, abundance, growth, hesitation.

The running theme in the suits numbered 7 is that Seven represents faith – faith in the things that can’t be seen, but nevertheless exist. Faith in oneself and their abilities. This can be understood only through knowledge & experience which is our ultimate truth. It also shows Reflection, Assessment, and wisdom. In a reading, many 7s indicate a period of introspection or solitude.


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