Choosing Happiness

You must be wondering what do you mean by choosing happiness like that is something we need to “choose”. Doesn’t everyone just want to be happy? No. That’s why I have titled it ‘Choosing Happiness’. Because it is a choice. Happiness is not something that comes and goes but something we need to voluntarily decide to be. In my short weird life, if I have … Continue reading Choosing Happiness

Torn Between Two Lovers Spread

As the title states, not everyone finds themselves in such a situation and to an outsider, it might seem like this is such a silly situation or the one in between to be lucky. Either way deciding between two potential lovers is not an easy task. For example, one might be your crush whom you know nothing much about and another could be your friend … Continue reading Torn Between Two Lovers Spread

Signs You Are in a Healthy Relation

Whether you are single or married, maintaining relationships is a tricky business. But what we all share in common is the need to have a happy relation, which is meaningful and lasts long. Nobody wants to be with a person who is selfish or disinterested, right? Every relation has its ups and downs and with today’s lifestyle, it becomes harder to keep a focus on … Continue reading Signs You Are in a Healthy Relation

What’s Holding You Back From the Relationship You Want?

  Relationships are hard and we all know it. But to fall in love? Why is it harder to meet someone and still yet, fall in love? What is it that is holding us back? Why do we find it difficult to find the right partner? Why are we breaking up every so often? Everywhere I look, people want to be in a relationship or … Continue reading What’s Holding You Back From the Relationship You Want?

5 Signs you are in a Toxic Relationship

Relationships form the core of any individual, be that with your siblings, your colleague or with your significant other. Sometimes we value one over the other and it is only natural to do so. But there are those kinds of relations that are hands down toxic in your life. Having had my share of toxic relations, I think I am pretty eligible to point out … Continue reading 5 Signs you are in a Toxic Relationship

Getting Back Up After You Fall

We all go through times when something or someone pulls us down, shatters our believes, makes us question ourselves or look at the world differently. For some they go through this early in life, it is somewhat easier to get back up and face the world once again at that age, but what happens when you face it when you are about to settle in … Continue reading Getting Back Up After You Fall

Relationship Snapshot Spread

I think this is one of those spreads that doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to romance. I mean every relation needs a reality check once in a while, it is just that we take everyone else for granted except our romantic partner. Maybe because we always feel there is a choice to leave…? Anyhoo, I don’t prefer using an unnecessary number of cards to … Continue reading Relationship Snapshot Spread