Sample Reading

Following is one of my sample tarot reading in which:

  • (1) the person requesting a reading is asked to send in a brief description of himself or herself; a first name, their Date of Birth, place and time, and a major question or issue which he/she wants to gain some understanding about;
  • (2) wherein I would reply with a reading, which will offer several possible lines of interpretation, if applicable [thus leaving the querent with the opportunity and responsibility to fine-tune the reading to his/her life. Since the interactive nature of the service is limited, this is important because it allows the querent to make a choice about what speaks to them the most.]
  • (3) The querent is then entitled to one follow-up feedback, asking for clarification on certain points (not a new reading. In which case, I may reexamine the original spread with the object of clarifying certain matters, as they appear in that spread.)


The Querent’s Email:


My name is Kavitha, and I am interested in having a tarot reading done for me. I am presently working as a junior copywriter in a leading media company. My work life could be better, but I feel am missing out on something better out there… dunno what.. I love painting, am trying my hand at script-writing and yeah.. fairy tales, and often wish I could live in another time and place.
The main question I have is regarding my love life. Am already been pressurized to get married back home but I don’t feel am ready to settle down. I want to keep exploring, but every time I meet someone it doesn’t work out. I am not able to make any stable relationships. So far I have had three serious relationships but obviously, am doing something wrong, or else I wouldn’t be still single right? Should I give up looking for love and marry whoever my family chooses or should I wait? Is there anything good to look forward to in the future?


This is the Tarot reading provided by me (in brief):

Dear Kavitha,

Thank you for placing your trust in me, I appreciate your patience and I am grateful to you for providing me this opportunity to guide you through this tough time.

Deck Used: Rider-waite-smith

Spread used: Celtic Cross (as described on my site)

Cards Drawn: (In order of appearance)

  1. Knight of Pentacles
  2. 3 of cups
  3. Ace of Cups
  4. 9 of swords
  5. King of wand
  6. 9 of pentacles
  7. Strength
  8. Knight of wands
  9. Queen of wands
  10. Five of cups

My readings:

In the position of Card 1, we see the Knight of Pentacles. It represents your current position. This could mean you are waiting for someone who has similar characteristics of depicted in this card. Which means; someone who works hard and is mature, responsible, provide you stability. Someone you can count on which the Knight of pentacle is for his suit represents wealth and finances. On the other hand, it could mean you are someone who takes life too seriously, who needs to let her hair down once in a while and not keep unnecessary expectations, to break any routine you have settled into, to try something new.

In the Position of Card 2, we have the 3 of cups. It represents the obstacles you face or challenge. The 3 of cups mean celebration. Happy times. To be social. As an obstacle, it may be telling us that you are denying yourself to be around like minded people, that you are avoiding to meet new people. Or in turn, it could mean that you are so busy with your close friends that you are missing out on what you really want. As a challenge, you have to create a balance between your social circle so that you create opportunities to meet others.

In the position of Card 3, we have Ace of cups. It represents what you need to focus on or your sub-conscious.  The ace of cups is an extremely positive card and usually denotes new love. But in this position, it may signify that you are placing too much importance to an ideal partner which may not exist. You may be placing too expectations on the “one”. You need to focus on giving a chance to someone who may not be the ideal partner but may surprise you by been better.

In the position of Card 4, we see 9 of swords. It represents, your past. From the card it is a clear indication, you haven’t had the best of time. There are some deeply embedded issues in your mind, causing you anguish and turmoil. But this card shows that you are realizing your frame of mind now and not living in its grip alone. Your past relationships may have made you lonely and you could have regrets over it. But what’s in the past should stay there.

In the position of Card 5, we have King of Wand. It represents, your strength. The good thing is just like the card drawn, you are a positive person, who has a strong will. You know your strengths and weakness and you expect to be capable on your own. You are open to new experiences and willing to make new goals.

In the position of Card 6, we have the 9 of pentacles. It represents your immediate future. A positive card that signifies wealth and prosperity. In terms of looking for a new relationship, it may not pan out exactly as you want. You may meet someone new but it may be too carefree for your own good. Something might be missing. You both could gel well great together as friends but not necessarily as lovers as it could be too superficial or non-traditional.

In the position of Card 7, we have Strength, the only major arcana card in this reading. It represents factors that influence the querent. It means you have the courage to face any problems in your life and you are to pull yourself together. You are persistent in your effort and have confidence in your abilities which is a wonderful sign that you are on the right path.

In the position of Card 8, we have Knight of wands, representing the environment of the querent or her situation. It suggests your best possibility in meeting someone new is through your work. Though it may have its own set of difficulties such as work ethic and boundaries. Another important factor to consider is in this reading we have two Knights – of pentacles and wands. There maybe a fight between two individuals for your love.

In the position of Card 9, we have Queen of wands, representing your hopes and fears. It shows you are an independent woman who values her freedom. You are self-motivated and know exactly what you want. Your only problem is you have set a high standard which can make you impatient and or intolerant.

In the position of Card 10, we have the 5 of cups. It represents the outcome. The card doesn’t signify the best of possible outcomes. It denotes disappointment, sorrow. It could be that you don’t see the brighter side of your relationship. There could be emotional loss or disillusionment. It is the classic case of glass half-empty. What is done cannot be undone.


As this is a sample reading I have removed other details from my tarot reading including the final conclusion, a further cross-reference of the cards and follow up clarifications and counsel that forms part of a PDF file. Please note no reading will be published without the querents approval and even then only a sample will be provided. The length and complexity of readings provided by this reading may vary according to the nature and complexity of the situation and spread being considered.




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