Tarot FAQ

There are certain questions that tarot readers always ask. And just like the meaning of the cards, the possibility of these questions are multiple. I know I am still learning the complexities certain question poses. But nothing in tarot is set in stone and hence we can always find ways that work for us. Some quick tips are always welcome, right? (They will be elaborated as and when necessary in coming posts)


1.Repeat Cards

In a reading, some cards keep repeating themselves. Don’t ignore them as random. They are in fact clues to what you must give more attention to. They are nudging you towards a direction. They are like your angel guides.

2. Timings

Timing is a tricky concept. For one, you must know the importance of numerology that plays a part in tarot, you must be well versed with the cards and know their corresponding astrological signs and the elements/seasons (Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall) they represent. Do understand the exact timings are not possible as the future itself is not set but a close possibility is what can be expected. For eg: The major arcana card Strength (VIII) corresponds to the sign Leo whose dates are 21st July to 21st August. One can gauge the timing based on this depending on the surrounding cards.

3. Choosing deck

There are tons of Tarot decks to choose from. Each extremely different than the other. One running theme in the majority of tarot cards is they are heavily influenced or modified versions of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. Hence for a beginner, I would always suggest you start your way from there and then as you gain confidence to more complex decks. Another important aspect is knowing whether that card is ‘it’ or not. We may be drawn to a particular deck more than others and that’s a good way of picking a deck. Also, deck size can vary so chose one that fits right.

4. Tarot spread

There is multitude of spreads for a Tarot and one can practice on any of them till they get a hang of it. For a beginner, the Celtic Cross spread is a good place to start. One can modify existing spread to suit their questions too. Creating your own spread takes time but with practice it is possible. Some readers find choosing a significator helpful before deciding the spread.

5. Ambiguity

You may find some of the cards to be Ambiguous. They may not necessarily be obvious to what they actually represent. For eg: The hanged man can mean you have to wait for something and that you are stuck in a rut or it could also mean someone who is in no hurry to get places. One can avoid this if the question is properly framed.

5. Phrasing questions

One thing is for sure. The right questions give you the clearest answers. Sometimes the questions can be too vague or general which can lead to ambiguous answers. Certain yes/no questions are easy but when you want to know something specific please make sure you frame it right. For eg: What is standing in the way of my . . . ? or How can I best overcome the obstacle of . . . ?

6. Reversed Cards

Honestly, I don’t believe just because the cards are reversed their meaning too has to be reversed but I have to admit sometimes I do get reversed cards despite not shuffling them in that way. I rarely keep my cards upside down. So we can’t ignore the fact that they do come up and as I said they turn up for a reason. There are plentiful ways to interpret them but what I would suggest is to look them in a similar way to retrograde planets. They force you to look at details and not to overlook anything. Put a new spin on something old.

If you have any questions like these, please feel free to ask me for my help!


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