New Moon In Cancer Spread

This weekend, we witness the new moon in cancer. Cancer is the sign of home life, mother and family life. It is ruled by the moon and hence is a very sensitive sign, emotional even. But just like the crab that represents the cancer sign, they have a hard exterior and a mushy interior. As a water sign, they are highly intuitive and requires love and … Continue reading New Moon In Cancer Spread

New Moon in Gemini Spread

The Taurus New Moon cycle ends and the Gemini New Moon cycle begins. The New Moon in Gemini cycle presents opportunities to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Twins. Gemini is the sign of communications and siblings. It represents the third house of Astrology.  Even though we have more ways to communicate with each other than ever … Continue reading New Moon in Gemini Spread

New Moon in Taurus Spread

A New Moon occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and hence is not visible from the earth. Here, the moon’s cycle appears to mimic death and rebirth and it is often taken as a sign of new beginnings. Some new moon rituals involve cleansing, reflecting on personal growth, and other practices that are equivalent to hitting the spiritual “reset” button. The … Continue reading New Moon in Taurus Spread

Relationship Snapshot Spread

I think this is one of those spreads that doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to romance. I mean every relation needs a reality check once in a while, it is just that we take everyone else for granted except our romantic partner. Maybe because we always feel there is a choice to leave…? Anyhoo, I don’t prefer using an unnecessary number of cards to … Continue reading Relationship Snapshot Spread

Tarot Spread for Relationships

This is another one of my series following the theme of my blog. Our lives are centred around the relationships we have including with ourselves. One of the many tools we have that can help us through these times includes Tarot cards. Yes, ultimately the decision lies upon us but the Tarot guides us to that path most beneficial to us. In this series am … Continue reading Tarot Spread for Relationships