Twelve House of Astrology

In Astrology one of the basic premise is charting your Horoscope or your Birth Chart, where the 12 signs of the Zodiac are found in 12 houses of Astrology. Which means when you are born these 12 signs were found to be in the 12 houses at the time of your birth and hence the time and date is very important.

The 360 degree circle of the zodiac is divided into 12 parts of 30 degrees each called the zodiac signs. According to the motion of rotation of the earth the Sun appears to cover a distance of one degree of the zodiac in each day. Hence it takes 360 days or a year for the Sun to cover the 12 zodiac signs in 12 months.

These are the most important aspects of Vedic Astrology:

  • The Ascendant or the Rising sign/Lagna which forms the first house
  • The Sun-  The position of the Sun in a particular zodiac sign at an individual’s birth is called his/her Sun sign.
  • The Moon – The position of Moon in a particular zodiac sign at an individuals birth is called his/her Moon sign.
  • Rahu or the North Node &  Ketu or the South node – They form the karmic axis in a Vedic astrology chart that indicate the types of karmas coming into this life to be experienced for each person. They also indicate which areas of life that you will focus on, or strive for perfection in.
  • Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
  • Western Astrology also includes Neptune, Uranus and Pluto But since I follow Moon based Vedic system, these three planets are excluded where as Western Astrology is focused on the Sun system. They will be explained as and when necessary. 

The 12 zodiac signs in a birth chart are called the Houses. These are called ” houses” because the position of a planet or planets in a particular sign is referred to as being situated in a particular house.

The Ascendant by virtue of it being rising in the east is called the 1st house. The sequence of the 12 houses is shown in the diagram. In one day, or 24 hours, each of the 12 zodiac signs will rise in the ascendant in a sequence. That means, each zodiac sign of 30 degree each, takes about 2 hours to complete its sojourn in the 1st house. Hence 12 signs of 30 degrees each will take 24 hours to complete the full circle.12 signs x 30 degree each= 360 degrees.

South Indian Style Birth Chart


1st House

This represents the body, physical traits, personality, childhood, environment at birth, and general strength of the horoscope.

 2nd House 

This house represents face, speech, income or the capacity to create wealth, even one’s attitude to wealth, and general family.

 3rd House 

This house represents brothers and sisters, courage, short journeys, and communication skill.

4th House

In body this house indicates the heart. This house represents the mother, home, enjoyments, happiness, conveyances, education and general well being of an individual.

5th House 

This house represents extra curricular activities, speculation, pleasures, love affairs, children and our talents.

6th House 

It represents enemies, debts, diseases, sorrows, and our subordination to someone, and servants. This is considered as an unfortunate house in a horoscope.

7th House 

It represents husband, wife, marriage, travels, hidden talents, and our desires.

8th House 

This indicates sexual organs. It represents our life span, death and it’s circumstances, sorrows, disappointments, legacies, and hidden gains. In some aspects it shows death and subsequent rebirth or rejuvenation, and crime and punishment

9th House

It represents fame and fortune, righteousness, preceptor, international travel, long journeys, spirituality, and general prosperity.

10th House 

It represents father, occupation, worldly success and honours, dignity, self-respect, position in society, ambition and its results. This is one of the most important houses in a horoscope.

11th House 

It represents gains, accomplishments, friends, social acquaintances, spiritual aspirations and our intrinsic nature. This is one of the most fortunate houses in a horoscope.

12th House 

It represents loss, misery, extravagance, foreign country, hidden desires, legal troubles and confinement. In the finer aspect this house represents final emancipation, or Moksha, according to the Hindu view of life.


This is the basic structure that a horoscope represents. In-depth articles on all aspects of the Birth chart will be provided in the following months. 


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