The fourth sign in the Zodiac is occupied by Cancer symbolised by the crab. The sign is ruled by Moon and is a feminine sign. If you are born between the dates June 22nd to July 22nd you are born when the Sun was in the sign Cancer. If you were born during the the transition of moon in Cancer then your moon sign is Cancer.

Beginning the next set of Cardinal signs in the Zodiac after Aries is Cancer. This shows that Cancerians are leaders or can take on leadership roles along with marking the beginning of a new season. Been a Water element they are highly emotional and intuitive with Moon as their guiding force. Perhaps for this reason they are most moody among all the signs as their moods are dictated by the Moon which changes every two days.

They rule the fourth house in Astrology, which focuses on family and home matters, and has a special connection to mothers and those that are related to nurturers. Since family is the most important part of any one’s life, the house needs to be at peace to reflect happiness on the outside of an individual as well.

Keywords: loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive, Moody, pessimistic, insecure.


In Tarot, they are represented in the Chariot (VII) of the major arcana. Cancer is associated with beginnings and moving forward. And The Chariot itself represents fresh starts, determination, and drive.

In the Tarot card, however, the Charioteer is in a motionless state, observing the Sphinxes in front of him and contemplating his next move.

According to Astrology Cancer rules chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal.

In the Minor suits; two, three and four of Cups are influenced by Cancer when it is in Venus, Mercury and Moon respectively.


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