The court cards – Kings

king of wands

The King of Wands differs from the Kings of all the other suits of the tarot – they all face towards the querent while the King of Wands is deliberately looking away from us. Wands are related to our mental fire and our creative energy. Wands deal with our thoughts and dreams, our ability to see a solution through our problems.

In readings, this suggests that while we are at the peak of our abilities, they can also lead us to a position where we tread a lonely path. The King of Wands will follow his own path and attempt to shape his own reality in the way that he sees fit.

Keywords: Authority, Natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honour, ruthless

king of cupsThis card refers to a warm and kind man who takes his responsibilities seriously. He understands the importance of emotion and can communicate good advice to the people that surround him. He is attractive and charming and everyone loves him. He is a little weak, though, and likely to shy away from dealing with tough situations.

In a reading, if you are facing challenges, then the King of Cups is an indication that you must create balance in the realm of the emotions, to remain emotionally mature in dealing with the negative energy from others. You need to be clear in your own mind about what your boundaries are and what is and is not acceptable on an emotional level

Keywords: Emotional balance and control, generosity, volatility

7388619_f520The King of Swords is a logician. He is a problem-solver, often a lawyer, writer or mathematician. He comes across as lacking emotion and has a steely resolve and strong will. He will not ever relinquish control. Despite this austere and forbidding exterior, he is fair in his dealings and expects the same in return.

When the King of Swords appears in a reading, you know you are dealing with someone in charge. Bear in mind that most people are a mix of two or more court card personalities. The King of Swords suggests that you need to adopt a very stern but fair role, to use your logic and intellect to navigate your path ahead.

Keywords: Clear thinking, intellectual power, authority, truth, Manipulative.

king of pentaclesAs a personality, this King is a down-to-earth, pragmatic and fairly upbeat character. He is proud of his achievements, his home, family and business. He works hard to acquire the security he needs. He is careful with his resources but can be extremely generous. He enjoys the good things of life and sees no reason to stint on luxuries.

In a reading, he can indicate that the querent is about to achieve their goals on a physical level. It often indicates the final fulfilment of a creative task, business venture, or investment. They may get the promotion that they’ve worked hard to get, or come into an inheritance.

Keywords: Security, control, power, discipline, abundance, domineering.

With this we come to the end of Court Cards and the whole 78 cards in the Tarot Deck. The upcoming posts include more on Zodiac Signs and the 12 houses of Astrology. 


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