The Court Cards – Queens


qwBasically what the court cards represent are people. They can be anybody you know. Hence, in this case, it either represents your mother or a motherly figure or a female who has a great influence on you.

By themselves, they represent powerful embodiments of Females. Their energy is what differentiates them. The queen of wands shares the element of fire and hence she is a woman of action. She quietly demonstrates self-confidence, handles any situation with aplomb, can’t be easily rattled or provoked, is spontaneous as well as gracious in defeat and has faith in {his or}her abilities.

Keywords: Exuberance, warmth, vibrancy, determination, tough


The Element of water guides the Queen of Cups and hence her energy is very emotional and intuitive. Everything about her is subtle never loud and brash. She is a lover of all things beautiful. Just like the empress she too has strong nurturing qualities.

She is a woman who will support you unquestioningly and unconditionally. She is the one who stays true to the mantra: follow your heart. Despite being ruled by water she is not immersed in her views rather has an objective view of everything around her, thus provides a larger picture.

Keywords: Good, fair, honest, devoted, loving, intelligent, a perfect spouse, and a good mother

qsShe is ruled by the element Air and hence is extremely verbal in her methods or ways. She is an excellent communicator and has a sharp mind. She is smart as well as experienced.

She is someone who can cut through the truth of the matter and has a no-nonsense attitude. She thinks less with her heart and more with her head and has plenty of clarity. Make sure you don’t try to double cross her. She is independent as well as a quick thinker.

Keywords: organized, perceptive, logical, emotionally detached, expressive.


qpRuled by the element earth, she is the most stable among the four. She is efficient and helpful. She approaches everything in a calm manner and makes sure every effort is worth it. Her efforts will bring the results as wanted.

She is a good listener and can seem to remain unemotional at times. She is sympathetic, kind and caring. She helps you through your problems by listening and understanding. She gives thorough attention to details and symbolizes nourishment and abundance.

Keywords: abundance, financial help, practicality, prosperity, wealth, down-to-earth and security.


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