The Court Cards – Knights

kwAs the elements represent, the wands are typically fiery in nature. Here we see a young man/person who is a go getter. He is a born leader. His will is absolute and he will have his way one way or the other.

He is focused and will stop at nothing to have his way. This can either represent the querent or the position he is in. Something is happening at lightening speed in the querent’s life and he has to match up to the intensity of the knight of wands.

Keywords: Boldness, bravado, passion, persuasion


KcJust like the cups signifies emotion, this young man here too is influenced by his emotions. He has his heart rather his head set on something he wants. He may also be a bearer of some message as all knights are, but that which relates to the heart.

He is set in his ways when it comes to the matters of the heart and he is caught up in his own performance and wants to create the perfect impression and love story. He represents the knight in shining armour.

Keywords: Romance, charm, imagination, emotional benefit


ksAs with all suit of swords under the element Air, here too the saying think before you leap matters. The young man here is someone who jumps the gun before talks are made. He is swift to take action without any thought to the consequences.

The querent is someone who has strong beliefs and will use all in his strength to further his ideal. In fact he may not even hesitate to destroy his opponent should there be a need. Despite all the brashness, given proper attention he is an invaluable tool.

Keywords: Opinionated, hasty, action-oriented, communicative

kpThe young man here is calm and centered just like the element of earth. His primary motivation is finances and resources. Everything he does is to attain the above said. He is shrewd and sure of himself.

The querent is someone who must have patience and the understanding to make use of whatever talent he has to use it in the right way. The most reliable of all Knights in the Tarot, he is a hardworking honourable man as well as responsible.

Keyword: Mature, Smart, Alert, Stable.



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