The Court Cards – Pages


Fire is the element for the suit of Wands. The task of the Page of Wands is finding the path between the extremes of isolation, despair and fear, and commitment to the creative expression of the soul. All Pages represent youthful potential for inner growth.

In a reading, we see a person of great intuitive ability. He also could literally represent a courier, envoy, or news that will be arriving at your doorway very shortly, most likely to do with family or romance.

Keywords:xEnthusiasm, exploration, discovery, free spirit, pessimism.


cups11The element water represents Cups and deals with emotions. The Page of Cups, as a person, can represent someone who is sensitive, shy, loving, emotional, introspective, quiet or gentle in nature.

In a reading, it can be a source for news from a loved one, a family member and/or will be of an emotional content, for example, regarding a pregnancy, birth, engagement or wedding. It could simply be a kind offer of help from a friend.

Keywords: Emotional, intuitive, Creative beginnings.




Pages represent new beginnings, and the Swords represent the mental realm, associated with the Air signs. With the Page of Swords we have the opportunity to begin afresh with our thoughts and ideas.

In a reading, ask yourself how you can let a little fresh air or a new perspective into your way of thinking about yourself, your place in the world, and the world around you in general can be helpful. It is the beginning of your journey of mental self discovery or redefinition.

Keywords: Curious, mentally restless, energetic, All talk and no action.


pents11The Page of Pentacles is mostly associated with business and finance matters. Been an earth sign, it also signifies stability. Money is the most important subject for the Page in this case. The Page of Pentacles has great intentions and readiness for the challenge.

In a reading, this card advices you to be more practical to achieve what you have in mind.  It also signifies progress but which is slow, to deal diplomatically with new acquaintances. May bring good news relating to finances.

Keywords: Manifestation, financial opportunity, new job, lack of progress.


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