The Minor Arcana – Ten

wands10The Ten of Wands basically stands for burdens and responsibilities. Taking on too much than is necessary or needed. In a reading, the Ten of Wands can be a sign that you are pushing yourself too hard. It is a sign that you are taking the lion’s share of work and being hard on yourself without giving yourself a break plus you are expected to do so cause you are the only one perceivably capable. Each step will feel like a struggle and so whenever possible take a break and relax. Be kind to yourself.

Keywords: Hardwork, struggle, end of a cycle, over-burdened, over-commitment.

cups10The Ten of Cups is a card of happiness and Prosperity. It symbolizes the family who is content and at peace with itself. A carefree family. An ideal we all strive for. Whatever your situation is, especially if it has been a hard time then be assured that good times are coming or that they will continue to be so for long. In a reading, this card often signals a time of abundant blessings. It tells you that you can reach for the fulfillment you deserve, and it will come to you.

Keywords: Joy, Peace, happiness, good fortune, contentment, harmony.

swords10The Ten of Swords is a card that signifies the worst possible time a seeker can be in. It can appear to be a card of terrible misfortune. The seeker has hit rock bottom. But looks can be deceiving. The card shows there is more melodramatic than reality and the seeker is exaggerating his plight. There can be a victim mentality. The good part about the card is that having reached the worst situation possible now there is nowhere to go but up and hence signifies the end of a cycle making way for new ones.

Keywords: Misfortune, rock bottom, martyr, back-stabbing, failure, new hope.

pents10The Ten of Pentacles stands for the ultimate in worldly and material success. It is a card that shows material wealth and prosperity at its peak. In a reading, it can be a sign that the seeker is headed towards material bliss and it may also be telling you to concentrate on the long-term. Work toward a lasting solution. Now may be the time to settle down and make the arrangements that will work for you far into the future.

Keywords: Affluence, permanent, material abundance, stability, financial security, fortune, inheritance.

A running theme in the suits numbered 10 is Completion, end of a cycle and renewal. 10 can also become 1 (1+0 = 1) and therefore the tens represent the same things as the Aces but on a higher level. Many 10s in a reading can indicate endings which will soon transform into new beginnings.

With this, the 1st part of Minor Arcana is over. I will be covering the 2nd part that is the Court Cards this month. Enjoy!


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