The Minor Arcana – Six

The Six of Wands
6wandsThe six of wands represent moments of victory and triumph. In a reading, it appears when you have been working hard toward a goal, and success is finally within reach. The recognition you have sought so long is yours. It also represents a healthy self-esteem. Feeling good about your accomplishments is an important part of success. The card is a very positive omen. It can indicate that despite the challenges you are facing, you will overcome them and come out on top.

Keywords: Triumph, Victory, Success, Feeling good about oneself, on top, progress, confidence, pride.

The Six of Cups

6cupsThe Six of Cups represents innocence, sweet memories. Traditionally seen as a card of nostalgia and often foretells of the Seeker being reunited with someone from their past. It can appear when you have found a playmate and are feeling like a child again.In a larger sense, it embraces all of the childhood and the feelings we associate with youth. Also, indicates that our time of trials in this path is over and we are on our path to recovery and stepping past hardships.

Keywords: Childhood, innocence, carefree, playful, secure, nostalgia, naivete.

The Six of Swords:


The six of swords represents journeying away from your troubles. Both literally and figuratively.  You are beginning to heal and pick up the pieces of your life. This could mean an actual change of scene, relocation or trip. It also can emphasize to ‘never look back’. A more positive card than the most recent cards in the Swords suit; the worst is likely over. Change is in the air, and new, more hopeful conditions lie ahead.

Keywords: Recovery, Travel, Changes, Healing, Escape, look towards future, solutions.

The Six of Pentacles
6pentsThe six of pentacles represents a kind of balance between harmony and money. It is a middle ground where you are in between have and have not. In a reading, it asks you to look very deeply into the whole issue of what having really means both materially and otherwise. It is a generous position to be in where you are thankful for what you have as well as sharing it with others. It is often a sign of a turn for the better, particularly with regard to money.

Keywords: Resources, Power, Stability, charity, prosperity, accomplishment, Happy atmosphere.

A running theme in the suits numbered 6 is that it represent the ability to transcend difficulties. Many 6s in a reading indicate adjustments in thoughts, attitudes or conditions.


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