Deck Review – Mermaids & Dolphins


Oracle Deck: Magical Mermaids & Dolphins

Author: Doreen Virtue

Publisher: Hay House

No: of cards: 44

I have been interested in checking out Oracle cards for quite some time now. I went through quite a few websites and blogs to figure which deck I should buy first but none were helpful. I really don’t know much about these cards. I just had Tatiana’s Fortune cards which were an accidental buy but which reminds me I will do a review for the same later.


I googled for many decks hoping to get ‘attracted’ to one of them which I normally do for Tarot cards when am buying them online. After going through many of them I finally felt comfortable buying this deck as a beginner.

On first glance, the cards are good to hold and sturdy which is very important to me. Now I don’t know why Oracle Cards don’t have any specific numbers like Tarot but this one has 44 cards and I am yet to learn the significance of numbers in these cards if any. Anyhoo, the images on these cards are very vivid and beautiful. It comes in a sturdy box accompanied with a booklet with detailed meanings of every card. I am not sure if there is any order for the decks or if they can be kept randomly but for now, I feel keeping them in order till I get a hang of it.


The guidebook is basically a 45-pages detailed meaning of these cards and the rest is information on artwork. The deck has been created by Doreen Virtue. In every Card, the title is on the top and the message is given at the bottom. The cards are designed to be easy to use and feature pretty illustrations above inspirational quotes. As the title suggests it features mermaids and dolphins and has a water-based theme which I found soothing and calm.

The cover of these cards features a mermaid sitting on a rock as shown in the images with a fairy nearby and the tides rising towards an island. It is simple and beautiful at the same time. According to the brief given in the booklet, the oracle is meant for an accurate reading to ‘manifest desires, life purpose, and dreams’.

I find the cards to be positive, self-affirming and uplifting. The guidebook provides more insight to the imagery and allows for additional interpretation. Even those new to cartomancy will find this deck user-friendly and readily interpreted. Hence as a beginner myself I will gladly recommend this deck to others who are new to Oracle decks. I would definitely rate them 4 stars. You will be seeing me use them in the future!


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