Minor Arcana – Fours


Four of wands 

wands04.jpgThe Four of Wands inherently represents celebrations and happy news. Good times. From the image, we can understand it shows weddings. It is the feeling of freedom and enjoyment. The events may vary from person to person but the emotions invoked remains the same. The celebrations can be many such as anniversaries, birthdays, and occasional parties. It is a time of growth and renewed happiness.

Keywords: Freedom, celebration, excitement, socializing, stability, events, pleasure.

Four of Cups


The Four of cups indicates contemplation. That too within. Something is bothering us but it may not be so bad as we think. We may be so busy looking at the wrong side that we neglect what is before us. Maybe we are accepting defeat even before the battle has begun. In a reading, the Four of Cups can indicate that you are wrapped up for the moment in your own world. It can also mean lack of interest, loss of motivation and focus. Feeling stale. The message is clear – you need to be more open to your surroundings.

Keywords: Apathy, Self-absorption, internalize, wishful thinking, boredom, frustration, uninspired.

Four of Swords 

swords04.jpgThe Four of Swords basically indicates rest, recuperation. Sometimes the challenge need not be face on but something one needs to handle quietly. It can also mean the challenge itself is handling it by doing nothing at all. It is an advice to think things through before responding and not to be in a hurry. The cards suggest you to step back and focus on the internal and gather your strengths.

Keywords: Break, respite, to withdraw, peace & quiet, meditation, passive, delays.

Four of Pentacles

pents04.jpgThe Four of pentacles indicates possesiveness. To hold onto something or someone which may not necessarily be in your best interest. It is a sign of giving into your ego. To be childish and demanding. Since pentacles are mostly associated with finance issues, it could mean you are fighting to have control over ownership of something. You are probably creating obstacles for yourself by refusing to change.

Keywords: Possessive, Control, Stubborn, Selfish, Status & Wealth, Security, Savings & investment, greedy.

A running theme in these suits numbered four is indicative of creativity and manifestation of dreams through hard work. It gives a firm foundation and structure.


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