The Minor Arcana – Three’s


Three of Wands


From the image on the card, one can summarize this card is that of vision and foresight. It’s when you reach the top you can clearly see what is going down below. You get clarity and insight. The card is a reminder as to why you started in the first place. Be it a partnership or enterprise. It is asking you to step back and examine everything in a calm and detailed manner before you reach a conclusion. To be a leader one needs to see far in the future, not just immediate consequences.

Keywords: Resilience, patience, calm composure, confidence, foresight, leadership.

Three of Cups


When this card comes up it is time for celebrations. It is a time of joy and togetherness. This can be a time for reunions with long lost friends or to catch up with your community and provide assistance and interaction. Celebrations spontaneously arise when people feel connected, loved and secure. It is a card that signifies positive emotions when one is in the company of loving, friendly people.

Keywords: Exuberance, Community, friendship, celebrations, joy, reunions, siblings, feminine influence.

Three of Swords


As the image shows us, the three of swords is a card of heartbreak. It indicates betrayal of some kind, not just in romantic relations but also otherwise. It shows situations which cause you to break down – emotionally and mentally. It is the feeling that you have been stabbed in your back. You literally feel as if someone has taken a sharp object and jabbed it through your heart. In a reading either you have recently been through this situation or you can take it as a warning that all is not as it seems and you need to acknowledge whatever you are denying/avoiding.

Keywords: Betrayal, abandonment, rejection, separation, a reversal of fortune, Heartbreak, loneliness.

Three of Pentacles


This card signifies teamwork. Like in a start-up company how everyone works hard and together to bring the enterprise to its full glory. It is the cooperation and hard work of a team that makes any effort work when in a group. That is exactly what we may need in certain situations where our effort alone won’t do and we need others to help us out. A sign that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. It denotes the need for careful planning and not to rush into anything.

Keywords: Teamwork, cooperation, competence, planning, diligence, career.

A running theme in the suits numbered three is that it is a period of creativity and determination but the road to this journey need not necessarily be easy as one needs to be careful of deceit and changing circumstances.


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