The Minor Arcana – Twos

Two Of Wands

2allThis suit represents a new enterprise mostly through partnerships. It is a positive card. But often times with choices one has to decide between what he knows best which is safe or to take risks which will enable growth. Between sticking in your comfort zone or sticking out to gain new experience.

Keywords:  progress, decisions, discovery, dissatisfaction, choices.

Two of Cups

2cJust like the Suit of Cups represent the matters of the heart, the two if cups reaffirms that position. It signifies commitment between two lovers. Even if it isn’t romantic, it can signify progress in a relation through mutual understanding, respect or friendship. It is the building of something new but uncertain.

Keywords: Unified love, partnership, attraction, relationships, Separation, disappointment.

Two of Swords

2sThis suit (swords) represents the mental state and hence when this card comes up, it indicates a choice that may not be easy on the querent. The decision has to be made logically which the querent may find difficult. That avoiding the decision will only make matters worse.

Keywords:  Indecision, choices, truce, stalemate, blocked emotions, balance, duel.

Two of Pentacles

2pThe pentacles signify matters of money or finance related. Mostly it denotes the querent having to juggle between two important areas of his life. This might prove tricky even hard especially when finances are low. But you have to put in an effort to move forward. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, better to keep two or more things going at once so you have the luxury of choice, should one option fall through.

Keywords:  Balance, adaptability, time management, prioritization, Juggling.

A running theme in these suits numbered two is that we are given choices, in the matter of love or finances, decisions or whenever we start something new for only then we will truly know what it is we want. Sometimes the road less traveled is the one that will show us who we really are.


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