New Moon in Taurus Spread

A New Moon occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and hence is not visible from the earth. Here, the moon’s cycle appears to mimic death and rebirth and it is often taken as a sign of new beginnings. Some new moon rituals involve cleansing, reflecting on personal growth, and other practices that are equivalent to hitting the spiritual “reset” button. The moon rules our inner selves and our emotions. So, even if nothing is changing in your life, you might still feel different when the new moon rolls around. This phase is often associated with uncertainty and learning to sit with that feeling, rather than rushing from one thing to the next.

This time the New Moon is in Taurus. It is a fixed sign. It gives importance to material possessions including your financials. The focus is mostly on your second house of Astrology. The energies of Taurus can come across as stubborn and therefore stagnant. Ruled by planet Venus, it needs constant stimulation of the senses for momentum. For now, it is time to see what areas need your focus this new moon through my tarot spread. So try it out!


Pay attention to Minor suits signs that come up more than once and the hierophant if he comes up in the reading.


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