Torn Between Two Lovers Spread

As the title states, not everyone finds themselves in such a situation and to an outsider, it might seem like this is such a silly situation or the one in between to be lucky. Either way deciding between two potential lovers is not an easy task. For example, one might be your crush whom you know nothing much about and another could be your friend whom you have known for long. Which one do you go for? Of course, tarot is only here to guide you, make you fully see your option but ultimately you will have to go with your guts. Have fun with this spread. It’s pretty simple.


CARD 1 – What person 1 feels about you

CARD 2 – What you can get out of this relationship with P1

CARD 3 – Future/outcome if I choose P1

CARD 4 – What Person 2 feels about you

CARD 5 – What you can get out of this relationship with P2

CARD 6 – Future/Outcome if I choose P2

As you can see it is a variation of my two paths spread and that’s how versatile this spread can be. Here too you can change its meaning and also the design if you have any in mind, provided it is apt to the situation. And what’s more, it is really simple. No elaborate cards to create more confusion but if you really want to go in-depth try adding more cards assigning your required meanings.

With this my Tarot and Relationship Spread series comes to end. I will be creating new spreads on my blog when inspiration strikes, till then try out all the spreads I have posted so far and do share your experience! Have fun!


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