The Moon

Number – 18

Element – Water

Planet/sign – Jupiter and Neptune/ Pisces.

The Moon is the XVIIIth card in the Major Arcana Series following the star. Here, we see a waxing moon. embedded in the sun. It resembles a face, deep in thought. They are between two pillars. On the ground, we see a dog and a wolf, barking. From the near waterbody, a crayfish is crawling out.


The Moon often represents your ‘shadow’ self, thus calling attention to your inner self, the unconscious mind or intuition. It psychologically projects fear into your present and your future, based on past experience. It shows there is some kind of tension relating to the seeker’s problems.

In a reading, it suggest some kind of mystery or secrets about to be unveiled to the querent. It also warns the querent that there is something sinster going on, that not everything is as it seems, to be on guard and that they are been deceived. The meaning will vary depending on the surrounding cards. But on a whole it represents some kind of disturbance. It is advicing you to keep your eyes open and not to trust blindly, to listen to his/her intution.

Keywords: Emotions, Illusions, Anxiety, Subconcious, Change, Duality, Dichotomy, Unforseen perils, Confusion.


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