The Star

Number – 17

Element – Air

Planet/sign – Aquarius

The XVIIth card in the Major Arcana, The Star tarot card shows a naked woman pouring one jug of water into a pond, and another into the ground. There are eight stars above her head. This is very positive, especially after the upheaval of The Tower.

In a reading, the querent can have faith and believe that things are going to be okay – even better than okay. Unexpected help will arrive when you need it, and you have the inner clarity about the truth to solve this problem.

the star.jpg

At this time, the querent has a deep understanding of themselves and others because of all they have endured, so they have gianed wisdom. Trust in that wisdom and trust that the future is now going to be much better. You and your life is transforming, but this time it is not through pain. You can expect new opportunities. You can expect new inspiration.

Keywords: Renewal, hope, healing, Empowerment, Clarity, transform, Inspiration


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