The Tower

Number – 16

Element – Fire

Planet/sign – Mars

The XVIth card in the major arcana series is the Tower. Centered amidst a black sky, lightning strikes a stone tower. Flames erupt from the top of the tower and from out of the building’s windows. There are two men falling out of the tower. Both are falling headfirst, one diving forward, the other falling backwards, neither in control. The tower itself is on a craggy cliff and the men appear to be falling even further past the foundation of the building. Atop the edifice, a giant gold crown has been dislodged by the thunderbolt and is being lifted up and off the top of the tower. Billowing clouds of gray smoke are everywhere.


In a reading, it is one of the most dreaded cards of the lot for it signifies turbulence in the querent’s life. It can also indicate any upcoming trouble in the querent’s life. It is a sign of destruction, whatever was made has to be unmade to create something new in its place. The change can be sudden, drastic, unexpected. It is a way of telling the querent to wake up and face the heat.

As much as it is unsettling to have sudden disruptions heaped in your life, you have to ask yourself why this is happening. Was this long coming? Sometimes change has a way to jump up on you so that you can no longer resist it. A sudden crisis may bring out what was dormant in you and help you realise you are much more than you give credit for. Try to see the positive in the crisis.

Keyword: Downfall, sudden, revelation, turmoil, dramatic, loss, unexpected.


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