Horseshoe Spread

As part of my simple tarot spread series, here am featuring one of the most popular spreads in the tarot world. It is popular among readers, beginner or advanced and is a pretty standard spread. It is used when the querent is seeking immediate answers to any everyday problems in their life and is pretty beneficial to a beginner learning the Tarot.

It is common to like one spread over the other, and the good news about this spread is it can be varied according to the interest and question of the reader/querent. Here am using a five card spread but you can use seven and, depending upon the situation additional cards can be used but not too many. This spread can be laid out differently, in fact, some say it is a variation of the Celtic cross spread.


CARD 1 – The querents present situation

CARD 2 – Your next step/ Whats coming for you

CARD 3 – Obstacles/ Heart of the matter

CARD 4 – Influences/Strength

CARD 5 – Outcome/ Near future

The reason I have included multiple meaning is to show you how versatile the spread is and how you can change according to the need of the querent. It is a great spread to practice with and simple enough to understand. So try it out!


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