Number – 13

Element – Water

Planet/sign – Scorpio

The XIIIth card in the major arcana series, the Death card is a symbol of transformation. In the image, we see a skeleton, armored, bearing a flag, riding a white steed. Besides the horse, we see a dead king, an ill woman, and a praying child. A priest/bishop stands before the horse. In the background, we see river and landscape, a lonely ship sailing by. In the distance, we see the sun rising between two pillars.


As much as it is understandable to fear this card, on the contrary, it represents a positive message. In a reading, it means your life is about to change and how. A huge transformation awaits you. The card is symbolic of an end to one phase of your life to another beginning. Whatever change it is, it’s not in the control of the querent and feeling resistant to change is futile.

It signifies a major development in the life of the seeker. It can feel overwhelming and scary but to grow there is no other way but to transform oneself. It is a call to let go and move on.

Keywords: Change, transformation, ending, mortality, suffering, Beginnings


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