The Hanged Man

Number – 12

Element – water

Planet/sign – Neptune

The Major Arcana series continues with the card numbered XII known as the hanged man. We see a man hanging upside down, but he looks calm as the sea. Behind his head, he is surrounded by a bright halo. His knee is bent behind his leg while the other leg is tied to the branch of the tree. His demeanor seems like he has no care in the world and yet is waiting for something to happen.

In a reading, it usually means the querent is stuck in his life or some area of his life. It shows the querent needs to be patient as things are not going to go fast when this card appears. It can also indicate that the querent is delaying some decision he needs to make.

the hanged man.jpg

Sometimes it may mean the querent needs to sacrifice certain interest or keep others interest first, that he should let go off any bad habits or bad emotions before he can move on. Like the image itself, it shows how certain contradictions can show us the way forward. Maybe the Querent needs to let go of something when he most wants it. Sometimes surrendering can help you win, and not necessarily by control.

Keywords: Sacrifice, delays, surrender, indecision, letting go, feeling stuck, breaking patterns


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