Number: 11

Element: Air

Planet/Sign: Venus/Libra

The card numbered XI is the next card in the Major Arcana series titled the Justice. We see a wise lady seated on the throne flanked by two pillars on both sides. On one hand, she carries the scales of justice and on the other a sword. She looks every bit majestic and impartial.

In a reading, it more or less shows that whatever wrong has been committed to the querent, he will receive justice. Definitely, indicates court or legal proceedings in certain cases. Mostly it shows us that we will be treated fairly. Sometimes it may not necessarily reflect our own belief of fairness, but the scales always strive to maintain balance, and so comparisons cannot be made.


It can also indicate that the querent himself needs to be fair either to himself or to others. Maybe he needs to make decisions or provide solutions to any underlying problem. Justice card is impartial so the querent has to make sure he is on the right side.

Keywords: Fair, Balance, Equality, Decision-making, Law, cause-effect, Feeling wronged.


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