Full moon in Libra Spread

I have been reading post after posts about the upcoming Full moon in libra on 10/11th of April and thought this is the perfect mix in terms of the theme of my blog and decided to create a spread. A full moon is when the moon is shining at its brightest. The entire face of the moon is illuminated. It is considered an auspicious time to initiate and accomplish significant activities.

Libra is the sign of balance, fairness, to be social, diplomatic, justice and symmetry to name a few. When the full moon falls in the sign of libra it is time to renew relations or make new ones as it is the sign that governs relationships including the one you have with yourself. So do try out this spread.

full moon spread

Card 1 – Your present self/Situation

Card 2 – What is creating imbalance in my relations

Card 3 – What is stagnant in my life

Card 4 -How to stabilize my relations

Card 5 – What should I let go off

Card 6 – What changes do I need to renew my relations

Card 7 – How do I create harmony in my life

Cards 2, 4, 6 focuses on your relations with others.

Card 3, 5, 7 focuses on your relation with self.

Pay attention to any minor suits that are more than one, it will signify the direction you need to give more importance to.


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