The Wheel of Fortune

Number – 10

Element – Fire

Planet/ Sign – Jupiter

The Wheel of fortune numbered X is the next card in Major Arcana series following the hermit. At first glance, we see an angel, an eagle, winged lion and winged bull. They each represent Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus respectively. Near the wheel itself, we see a snake, a jackal, and a Sphinx. They represent materialism/morality, intelligence and the riddles of life respectively. The jackal can also be interpreted as Egyptian god Anubis.

The middle wheel contains the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulfur, water and salt – the building blocks of life and the four elements – and represents formative power. The outer circle represents the material world. The eight spokes in the wheel represent the Universal radiant energy, as well as the eight Sabbats of the year. The blue background represents wisdom. On another note, the wheel itself can be seen as a symbol of Hindu concept of birth and death. A cycle one goes through till we attain nirvana.

wheel of dortune.jpg

One can say, this card represents destiny itself. How destiny like a wheel goes up and down in a circle. In a reading, it promptly suggests a turn of events. For example, if you are having a rough time then be assured that things are soon going to change, that too for the better but nothing remains the same forever, for only change is the only constant in this world.

The card is definitely on the positive side, pointing towards growth and optimism. It shows if one door is closed another will open. Whatever your situation is, a new chapter is about to begin – one that will provide more scope for expansion.

Keywords: Success, Growth, Expansion, Destiny, Luck, Serendipity, Change, Opportunity.


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