Getting Back Up After You Fall

We all go through times when something or someone pulls us down, shatters our believes, makes us question ourselves or look at the world differently. For some they go through this early in life, it is somewhat easier to get back up and face the world once again at that age, but what happens when you face it when you are about to settle in your life? or you have met the love of your life?

What do you do when someone you trusted beyond anything, including yourself betrays you? What if you lost someone who was everything to you and you can’t imagine life without them or what do you do once they are gone from your lives?

It is easier to blame others, even god when things go awry and sometimes we find solace in maintaining our status quo as a means to cope up with everything that’s going on. Shutting out everyone – including our loved ones. But as much as falling down is sometimes a necessity, getting up from there is what matters.

We should be able to make peace with ourselves, learn the lessons and move on. Dwelling on the circumstance can only take you so far but if you truly want to be able to look at yourself, and say ‘I survived’ then you need to take the first step. Don’t let anybody make you feel or do otherwise. You don’t have to meet anybody’s expectations as long as you know what you are capable of. There is no time limit and no effort is small.

In reference to the above I have made a small ‘Heal Yourself Spread’ to make anybody take the first step towards healing, even if it is a tarot spread, sometimes introspection is a good way to start dealing with whatever you feel is going on with you.

Heal yourself Spread.jpg

CARD 1 – Where you are in your Life right now

CARD 2 – Your emotional needs/space

CARD 3 – Your mental space/needs

CARD 4 – Your Weakness

CARD 5 – Your Strengths

CARD 6 – The way forward/ lessons learned

Please do try it out and you will be amazed how insightful it can be. Tarot can be an extremely useful guide when all you can rely on is yourself. They never lie and they always give you support when you need it. Don’t forget to share your experience with my spread!



via Daily Prompt: Heal


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