The Hermit

Number – 9

Element – Earth

Planet/Sign – Mercury/ Virgo

The Hermit is numbered IX in the Major arcana series. We see an old man carrying a lantern with a stick, most likely a walking stick. The ground is covered in snow. He is wearing a gray cloak and he looks weary, possibly tired from a long journey. Or one can say he looks peaceful, content with himself.

The Hermit card clearly is a sign of wisdom. To me, he reminds me of my grandfather! Full of experience and wiser for that. He is also neutral, knowing both sides well. In a reading, it can indicate that querent must seek counsel from someone wiser than he. It can also mean the seeker is seeking solitude, he is wary of everything going on in his life that he seeks alone time.

the hermit

Sometimes it can be a sign that asks the querent to slow down and take a breather. To meditate. Other times it can be a reminder to be humble, to seek inwards. The exact meaning depends on the neighboring cards. The lantern shows enlightenment,  opening the mind to wider possibilities, or a guide to the seeker. Another possibility is to throw light on the coming circumstances which depend on what the next card is.

Keyword: Wisdom, Solitude, Detachment, counsel, introspection, taking a break.


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