Relationship Snapshot Spread

I think this is one of those spreads that doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to romance. I mean every relation needs a reality check once in a while, it is just that we take everyone else for granted except our romantic partner. Maybe because we always feel there is a choice to leave…?

Anyhoo, I don’t prefer using an unnecessary number of cards to do a reading and if there are more than four or five cards they need to be there for a reason. Tarot is meant to give you clarity, closure if you must but sometimes I find using a lot of cards to be either confusing or vague. Some of them are bang on but since I am using my own spreads, I like using fewer cards, at least for now.

This spread is to give a snapshot as to how healthy your relations are right now with your significant other – and it could be anyone – your friend, business partner, your parents or even your neighbor. Ideally used for romantic readings, nevertheless. So here goes:

relationship snapshot spread

Starting from Bottom –

Card 1 (Bottom middle) – How your relationship is right now

Card 2 (Bottom left) – Your ideal relationship

Card 3 (Bottom right) – Their ideal relationship

Card 4 (Middle left) – What’s holding you back

Card 5 (Middle right) – What’s holding them back

Card 6 (Top left) – What you need from them right now

Card 7 (Top right) – Wha they need from you right now

Card 8 ( Top middle) – Outcome/ Solution.

This is part of my relationship spread series, and I hope you guys try it and share how it turned out. If you have any other input do let me know.


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