The first sign of the Zodiac – Aries. Ruled by the planet Mars. Its element is fire and it is a cardinal sign meaning natural leaders. Those born between the months of 21st March to 20th April, where the sun was at its highest are known to be those born under the sign of Aries. If you calculate where your moon was at the time of your birth, you can be an Aries born in the moon sign. They are the natural rulers of the 1st house.

Those born under the sign of Aries are people of action, they are competitive, ruthless in wanting to be number one. They have a fiery personality and can be aggressive in their manner if they want things to go their way. They are natural born leaders but not known for finishing what they start as they quickly get bored.

Keywords: Dynamic, Aggressive, Selfish, Bold, Impulsive, Argumentative, Generous, Confident.

Coming to the Tarot cards, Aries is associated with The Emperor (IV). He is the leader among all others in the Tarot cards. Just like Aries, the emperor is fearless, is quick to battle, in control. The emperor is the who takes any sort of initiative at any given point of time, he cannot wait for others to do so. For this, he needs to be decisive, forceful and confident.


According to Astrology, Aries rules the head and therefore every decision an Aries makes is as logical as can be. Sometimes just like the symbol of Aries – the Ram, they can butt heads with others or lock horns – meaning they can be stubborn, rigid or get argumentative.

Finally, in the minor suits, that is – the Two, Three and Four of wands are influenced by Aries, namely when Mars, the sun, and Venus is in Aries respectively.


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