Strength (VIII)

Number – 8

Element – Fire

Planet/Sign – Leo

The strength card numbered viii follows the chariot in the major arcana series. The card shows a woman beside a lion, and she appears calm. Above her head is the sign of infinity, she is wearing a crown made of flowers. The background shows us mountain and greenery. The lion isn’t afraid of her that appears eager in her presence.

The card obviously signifies courage and strength. These days I must say the card even reminds me of the famous animal behaviourist –  Kevin Richardson who takes care of some thirty odd lions in south Africa. You should check out his channel on youtube! It’s Amazing what he does. The artwork reminds me so much of his lions.


Anyhoo, it takes great strength of character to be able to face fear. But just like the woman in the card, strength doesn’t necessarily mean brutal force. It can be shown by compassion. Sometimes the biggest strength lies in your ability to forgive, let go. It is not just physical strength that matters. It is your inner strength that counts.

When times are tough, it is our perseverance and faith, our resolve that sees us through. It is our patience and calm composure that gives us the right amount of strength where maybe you would have used anger.

In a reading, it gives you hope that you are on the right path. It shows a person who is in control of his situation albeit in a subtle way. It also means that the querent must cultivate his strength if he wishes to come out of his situation. To be brave. That we have to accept ourselves as we are.

Keywords: Patience, Compassion, Courage, self-control, forgiving, kindness, Acceptance


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