The Chariot

Number – 7

Element – water

Planet/sign – Moon/Cancer

The Chariot numbered VII is the next card in the major arcana after the lovers. Inside the chariot, we can see a majestic figure – a warrior. He holds a baton in his hand. Before him are two sphinxes in light and dark. He is wearing a six-pointed star, the castle behind him represents his domain.

The chariot signals victory, triumph, control. In a reading, it means the querent has powerful self-control of his emotions or his craft. It also signifies journey but with a purpose. It can also point out to someone who has power over the querent in certain positions.

the chariot.jpg

The sphinx may represent faculties of the querent which he has mastered. They represent both the dark and the light (Good & not so good). The card signifies victory over difficult times or a conquest or anything the querent has set his heart on.

Keywords: willpower, aggressive, winning, tough outside soft inside, self-control, dynamic, reckless, success.


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