The Lovers

Number – 6

Element – Air

Planet/Sign – Mercury/Gemini

The Lovers tarot card numbered VI comes next in the Major Arcana. A fiery angel in the sky standing in front of a shining bright sun, appears before a man and a woman (more like adam & eve), who are naked. Behind the woman, on the tree is a snake. Behind the man is a tree on flames. Between them both is a mountain.

At first glance we see a romantic connection. In most tarot cards the angel is shown as Cupid – the God of love. Even traditional interpretation inclines towards beginning of a romantic relationship or existing partnership.


In a reading, other than the obvious meaning, one can say The Lovers card presents a choice, between two paths. For some it can also signify the relation between siblings. In a love reading, it can indicate new love, lust or passion for something or someone.

The whole scenario seems to be taken out from the garden of eden. The trees points to the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The ‘forbiddden’ fruits implies sexuality, desires and temptations that maybe dangerous. It is definitely a choice between what you think is right and what is morally right; between the head and the heart.

Keywords: Love, Indecision, Ethics, Choice, Partnership, Personal beliefs.


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