An objective view of your Relationship


Following my post on the New Love Spread in my Tarot & relationship series, I have decided to share a new spread. Am thinking this spread is more like how a third person may be viewing you and your significant other but what may be actually useful to decide on your own. Sometimes we could be so drawn into our relations we forget or ignore how it is really affecting us.

So if you are in a stage where you want to stop and reflect how this relationship is really faring, then this spread is the one to go. Here am using The Love Tarot deck, but any deck should be fine really.


Card 1 (top under) – Your relationship as you think it is

Card 2 (Crossing 1) – Your relationship in reality

Card 3 (Bottom Left) – What you bring to the relationship

Card 4 ( Bottom Middle) – What they bring to the relationship

Card 5 – Potential outcome

There you go, a simple enough spread to help you figure out if your relation is heading the right way. Lemme know how it goes for you and do share your interpretations!


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