The Hierophant 

Number – 5

Element – Earth

Planet/sign – Taurus

The next in line to the major arcana is The Hierophant (IV). One look at him and we might be reminded of the pope himself. In other ways, he resembles our teacher.

The hierophant, a holy man, sits between two stone pillars. In front of him are two friars, one cloaked in red roses and another in white lilies and by his feet are two crossed keys. The hierophant is in a red robe and carries the triple-barred papal cross.

the hierophantOne can say he may represent a religious order. Even a mystical tradition or an institution. In a reading, it can mean that you are the man behind the scenes. The right-hand man/woman of something or someone important.

The hierophant tells us to be discreet, to persist, to earn the trust in order to reveal any secrets. To use his teachings wisely.

Keywords: power, respect, tradition, conformist, wisdom, silent observer, to help/assist.


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