Tarot & Astrology


As I mentioned earlier, the purpose of this blog is to bring together the world of Tarot and Astrology. Both these fascinate me. When together they make a fine marriage. The main reason I started this blog apart from using this as a journal is to contribute my share of thoughts on these two aspects of Divination in hopes of guiding those in need.

The one main difference between the two is that where Tarot is more intuitive and fluid, Astrology is more structured, there is certain kind of calculation involved. In most of my posts, I have made it clear that every Tarot card has a corresponding aspect to Astrology, whether it is in the form of planets, zodiacs or stars.

Both of them deals with prediction but not necessarily in terms of outcome but in the form of transformation. They both help an individual address specific parts of their Life or needs/problems and guide them to deal with it. Using these powerful oracles can provide great insight into one’s reading.

There are many Tarot decks that heavily use astrology for creating the artwork but what’s more is that every Tarot deck uses symbols that are obviously directed to Astrology. For example, the crown on The Empress constitutes 12 stars signifying the 12 zodiacs or the Strength card uses a Lion to symbolize the corresponding sign Leo and many others like this.

A small post to get you started and give an idea, also I will be updating this space regularly. For now, please refer to the below image:

tarot wheel.jpg


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