Question & Answer Spread

Continuing my series of Simple Tarot Spread, I have decided to add the Question and Answer Spread.

Now as most of you must already know, usually these type of questions are simply answered as a yes or no by drawing out one card after shuffling. But this one is a bit more explnatory. It gives a bigger picture to your query and yet is simple enough to grasp. There can be variations of the said spread too.

Begin by shuffling the cards and if you have any other rituals you follow such as cutting the cards using the non-dominant hand, and then place the cards face down, choose any five.


Starting from the left side to right.

Card 1: Your Present Situation

Card 2: Obstacles/ Challenges

Card3: What action you can take

Card 4: Possible outcome

Card 5: Its effect on you.

The meaning of the cards can be changed and you can have fun creating your own ones. Its really that simple! Do try and share your experience!


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