The Emperor

Number – 4

Element – Fire

Planet/Sign – Aries


Following the Empress in the major arcana, we have The Emperor (IV). Sitting on his throne, the emperor exudes authority. He looks old and wise with experience. One can clearly see the symbol of Ram carved on the throne. He holds a scepter in one hand and an orb on the other. Underneath his red robe, we can see a hint of armour – he is a warrior as well.

the emperor2.jpg

The Emperor is a symbol of authority, structure, father, husband, a wise man, someone who is in charge. His presence is domineering or commanding depending on the situation. He is in total control.

In a reading, it can signify that the querent is in control of his situation or he is a master in his position in whatever capacity. It can also indicate in family affairs towards the father or husband. When this card comes up, it means the querent has self-control and total confidence in himself and his belief.  It is a card of action.

Keyword: Power, Confidence, Control freak, Order, Leadership, Possible abuse of power.


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