Tarot Spread for Relationships

This is another one of my series following the theme of my blog. Our lives are centred around the relationships we have including with ourselves. One of the many tools we have that can help us through these times includes Tarot cards.

Yes, ultimately the decision lies upon us but the Tarot guides us to that path most beneficial to us. In this series am hoping to throw light on certain relationships that affect us and make us ponder and then end it with a spread. Sometimes the spread maybe my own and sometimes it could be from anybody I follow.

Tarot can be used for many purposes including meditation, self-growth or to guide others in need etc. With that in mind, I have decided to write up on new beginnings. Every relationship starts somewhere right? It is an exciting period when you meet someone new and there are sparks flying all over. Wouldn’t it be excellent if we could get a glimpse of how this is a going to turn out?

I have made this simple spread (NEW LOVE SPREAD) so that you can see ‘ahead’ without any spoilers and decide if this new relation is something that excites you. Since most of us like to take the plunge when it comes to something we want, it is best to catch a glimpse of the relation which is more than enough. There is no point in going through details in the beginning and create unnecessary expectations. And the best part about this spread is it can be tried for any relation, not necessarily just romantic ones.

So I hope you try this and do let me know how it turned up for you!

love spread


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