The Empress

Number – 3

Element – Earth

Planet – Venus

Numbered III in the major arcana, comes The Empress. Clearly, she exudes abundance and maternal instincts. Sitting comfortably on a cushioned throne, her hair is crowned symbolizing the twelve zodiacs in the form of stars. In most cards, she is shown perpetually pregnant.


She is the symbol of fertility and motherhood. She shows a softer side of feminity, unlike the high priestess. She represents love, marriage, family. She also embodies wealth, materialism, and comfort. She also feeds creative energy, bringing any endeavor to fruition.

She is an extremely positive card signifying fulfillment of the seeker’s wishes. In a reading, it can mean marriage or if married pregnancy or the beginning of any creative venture, even success or windfall of any undertaking.

Keywords: maternal, victory, creativity, luxury, happy endings.


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