The Celtic Cross Spread

Every Beginner will come across this spread. It is one of the most commonly used and oldest spreads out there. So I decided to give an in-depth explanation of how this spread can be of use to a newbie. This is one of those spreads that can either be difficult to interpret or can be grasped as easily. But it definitely helps in getting to know your cards much better than before. So let’s start.

celtic cross2

Card 1 – The Current Situation

Card 2 (cross) – The Obstacle/ Challenge

Card 3 – What to focus on/ Subconscious Influence

Card 4 – The Past ( 6 months to one year)

Card 5 – Your Strengths

Card 6 – Immediate Future

Card 7 ( starting from the bottom) – Factors influencing the Querent

Card 8 – The Environment

Card 9 -Hopes & Fears

Card 10 – Outcome

Ok now that we got the position and its meaning let us see how we can interpret it.

Coming to the first card, we can see it is placed below the second one making a mini cross. This mini cross signifies the core of the matter. What the whole spread is meant for. Card 1 tells you your situation as is without any filters.

By placing the card 2 above card 1, we are asking the tarot what it is that is blocking this situation. What is causing this obstacle or how is it challenging us?

  • Card 1 to 6 consists of the mini cross and a larger cross, thus giving an entire picture of what is going on. Card 7 to 10 can be seen as a ‘staff’, it’s away from the whole drama and gives an objective viewpoint as a guide.

Coming to card 3, it is placed below card 1 to understand what it is that you are missing. What is your own mind telling you? What is the root cause of card 1? The deeper meaning that might have been overlooked. It is the basis and the event behind card 1.

Next, card 4 is placed Behind (unlike below or left) the right meaning been behind to show the past events that led to this situation. It could be anywhere between a week to a month or three to even six months to a year. Something in the past that you must let go off? or something that wasn’t resolved in the past and is having a receding effect on the situation at hand.

Card 5 is placed above card 1 signifying that the querent must seek his strength and come above his present situation. It is what the Querent must consciously bring to the table to resolve whatever is holding you back. The attitude he/she has regarding this and how it can be used to realize their main goal.

Coming to card 6, this is placed in front of Card 1 and it signifies, therefore, the Future. The immediate future which can be tomorrow or the coming week. This card tells us what to look forward to creating a valid approach to the situation.  It may put light on what is to come or on the unresolved matter in the past.

  • Starting from card 7, we move away from the situation itself and towards our inner guidance. The way to the future. The outcome as a whole.

Card 7 throws light on what the Querent feels about the situation. His thoughts and beliefs that influence his judgment. The card also reflects upon what the querent can become by tapping into his untapped potential through this situation.

Card 8 can be seen as an outside view. An objective opinion of the situation/querent. How the situation looks like from another person’s point of view. It is the factors that influence the situation from the outside. How the others view the querent. The atmosphere surrounding the situation. What effect you are having on others part of this situation.

Card 9 helps you to deal with your fears, provides a guiding force. It also shows hope that all is not lost and this too shall pass. It makes you stop and face whatever it is that you are avoiding. It helps you connect the dots and point at what you have been missing, something you may have underestimated.

Card 10 is the outcome. The outcome doesn’t necessarily be just for the situation in terms of resolution but it can also point to the inner outcome of the querent; how he has dealt with it or how it will affect the others/the environment in this situation. It can also mean the querent finally knows what he needs to do to put a stop on it or some important lesson learned.

Before coming to an end, I would like to give some quick tips:

  1. Examine the cards into pairs, such as card 1&2 or 4&6 or 6/5&10 to give more clarity.
  2. See if any card ‘sticks’ out to you in particular and why.

So there you go, this is the basic way of interpreting the Celtic cross spread. I hope I have made it easier than just one-word meanings. I really don’t want to complicate the readings by giving way too many meanings to interpret. It can cause more confusion than transparency. Do let me know if you found this useful!




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